Kraay's Market & Garden is located south of Bellevue, Idaho. We offer high quality, organically grown produce and specialty items to customers within the Wood River Valley. We harvest our produce within two days of delivery, which assures that it has an unrivaled freshness, quality and flavor. We also partner with other local producers and artisans to offer a large variety of locally grown/produced items.

“As always, I can taste and see the love in your harvest.”

— Chris kastner of CK's Real Food 


Thank you, Guy Hand, for this amazing video of our farm!

Kraay's Market & Garden offers home delivery, at no charge, to customers in the Wood River Valley. We send out an email every Sunday evening as to what is available for the upcoming week. We enjoy giving our customers the personalized service of harvesting to their particular order and delivering it right to their door.

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Planting the Seed

Retired entrepreneur Larry Kraay moved from the Chicago area to the Wood River Valley, in 1972, to fulfill his childhood dream of raising Arabian horses in the West. He purchased the property in 1978 and began building his dream. Sherry Kraay grew up in a small agricultural community in Eastern Oregon and moved to the Wood River Valley in 2002. She has always enjoyed cooking, gardening and preserving the harvest.


In 2013, Larry and Sherry chose a plant-based lifestyle for many personal, as well as global, reasons. In researching growing their own food on a large scale, they came across several sources that talked about turning this idea into a business. Greenhouses were purchased and production began. Within months, demand skyrocketed, and expansion was needed. Another greenhouse was added in November 2015. They teamed up with other like-minded, local producers and artisans to provide a variety of organically grown produce, prepared and speciality foods, as well as hand-crafted items. 

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free-range laying hens


pounds of carrots sold


different plant varieties


Embracing the Growth

The summer of 2016 kept us busy with production and a demand that kept growing and growing. We enjoyed the energy and expertise of several groups of WWOOFers and Couchsurfers that were willing to help out with harvesting, processing and packaging. Needing more full-time help we set out to build our team. Bringing Amy Mattias onboard in the fall of 2016 brought a unique perspective and a commitment to producing and supporting local food. With the energy and focus of our team, the possibilities are endless. Each day there are new ideas and accomplishments.

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