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Larry Kraay & Various WWOOFers

This summer has been the hottest summer we can remember! Crops that we've been able to successfully grown are becoming a bit more problematic - like spinach & mixed greens. The heat is too much for them so our production is low, but fall planting is happening very soon so more will  be here in no time. Our peas are just finishing up their spring season, but green beans are just around the corner. Other plants are loving the heat. Our tomatoes and cucumbers are about to hit full production. Another round of beets are quickly maturing. Carrots are happily growing long and are being harvested each week. Our garlic just came out of the ground and is in the curing process. Potatoes & sweet potatoes are growing nicely. Peppers are just starting to produce and the squash are slowly starting to grow fruit. Lots of happenings on the farm with WWOOFers in and out and a big event happening on September 15th! 


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