Like-minded, local producers & artisans.


Connecting with local producers & artisans has helped us make our weekly offerings that much better. We try to include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables each week, as well as pasture-raised meat & dairy products, prepared foods, pantry staples, bath & body care products, animal care products and much more.

Are you a producer or creator and want to work with us? Contact us if you're interested in working together or growing vegetables for our farm-to-door deliveries!


Who We Work With


Oak St. Foods - located in Bellevue, ID - offers prepared foods to make your weekly meals even easier! Serving up vegetarian dishes like spring rolls, eggplant parmesan, and salad dressings.

Prairie Winds Heritage Farm - located in Fairfield, ID - offers onions, garlic, jams & jellies. Special treats include homemade pasta, mustards and more!

Springs of Life - located near Hagerman, Idaho - offers vegan oat burgers, granolas, fresh fruits & vegetables. See some photos here!


Fir Grove Harvest - a local, organic farm providing organic and naturally grown produce and products in Fairfield, Idaho.

GLOW Live Food Cafe - Offering organic, vegan & raw options to the Wood River Valley. We deliver fresh pressed juices, almond mylk, and a selection of raw entrees and desserts using the best ingredients.

Hangar Bread - Offers artisanal baked breads & bagels Utilizing a sourdough technique and ancient grains, Roman excels in offering top quality loaves for all to enjoy. Check out Hangar Bread's photos here.


B & G ProduceBea and Greg have over 45 years of experience in the art of growing fruits and vegetables which started out of necessity to feed a growing family. We are located in lava flows of Dietrich, Idaho that has a very unique soil that is rich in sandy loam that continues to delight our palate for organic foods. Check us out at Facebook B & G Produce.

Waterwheel Gardens - A small specialty farm on the east slope of the Emmett Valley near the beautiful Payette River in Idaho. We grow a variety of tree fruits, berries, grapes, leafy greens, vegetables, herbs & flowers. For Your Health & Enjoyment!


Chef Laura Apshaga cooks with her heart, and with the best ingredients. Her philosophy on food is that the closer to home you can source your ingredients the closer to the heart that the final product will be. Connecting with local farmers & using whole ingredients to reduce food waste Laura offers organic, local prepared food options.


Montana Flour & Grain - High quality, organic flours grown by small farmers throughout Montana. Flours include unbleached white, wheat, spelt, & Kamut. Wholesale pricing available on 50 lb. bags. Also offering organic chicken feeds in 50 lb. bags.

Idahound - Using premium, locally sourced ingredients Idahound offers farm-to-dog food for the canines in your life. Working with local farmers and ranchers, the Idahound team created a line of single-ingredient treats perfect for your Idaho pup. Read more about the Idahound story here

Wood River Naturals - Providing affordable, handmade home & body essentials. All products are made from high quality, natural ingredients that you are sure to love! 


Spike Diamond Livestock - Raises natural, hormone & antibiotic-free beef on pastures in Bellevue, ID. All forage was grown on our farm, without the use of petrochemicals, raised with proper nutrition and every effort to minimized stress. All meat is dry aged for 14 days, USDA certified processed, packaged, and frozen into family size portions.

Simeroi Springs - Our cows are hormone and antibiotic free, are naturally grass fed, and pasture finished. Double Springs Ranch is located in the pristine Pahsimeroi Valley of central Idaho. 

Fat Cow Ranch - A family dairy operation in southern Idaho. Specializing in cheese from grass-fed cows & sheep.

Zephyr Ranch - Small ranchette in Fairfield, ID offering duck eggs.


Agrarian Harvest - Agrarian Harvest is a small, family farm in Buhl, Idaho on the Snake River Plain. Located in South Central Idaho our farm is diverse in livestock, poultry, produce and herbs. We are Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Organic by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

M&M Heath/Sunset Butte Organics - Mike and Marie Heath, raise over 400 acres of certified organic products for a variety of markets. We are happy to offer an assortment of their organic dried beans, potatoes & squash. 

Wood River Ranch Beef - At Wood River Ranch we are cattle and resource management professionals and are dedicated stewards of our livestock and lands. We don't subscribe to fad programs in the production of our beef. Our cattle are grown and finished on grass right here in the Wood River Valley. We don't use antibiotics or hormones and we take every measure to minimize stress in our operation. For us, ranching is our life and we proudly stand behind our product.


Are you a producer or creator and want to work with us? Contact us if you're interested in working together or growing vegetables for our farm-to-door deliveries!